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Centering Pregnancy®

What is Centering Pregnancy?

Advantages of the Centering Pregnancy Program

Services Offered


What is Centering Pregnancy?

Group Prenatal Care Mission Statement

Centering Pregnancy is a prenatal care model offered by the by the SFGH division of Ob/Gyn. The program is based on the philosophy of the parent organization - "that the health and well being of women, children and families is fostered through the nurturance and care of women, their families, their communities, and their environment." CenteringPregnancy combines pregnancy assessments with education and social support in a group format, with time allotted for one-on-one interaction as needed. CenteringPregnancy honors the cultural backgrounds of participants and encourages discussion, the building of relationships, and a sense of community and shared purpose. The model is based on the premise that adult and teen women benefit from, and enjoy active participation in their health care and in their health care decision-making.
(®Registered trademark of The Centering Pregnancy & Parenting Association, Inc.)


Advantages of Centering Pregnancy


Centering Pregnancy Services Offered

English Centering

Who is this program for?

Spanish Centering

Who is this program for?

Teen Centering

Who is this program for?

Teen Centering Pregnancy is a group prenatal care clinic that is handled by the Nurse-Midwives of San Francisco, and provides confidential healthcare for pregnant and parenting teens up to age 20. Teen-Centering Pregnancy combines prenatal physical exams with education and social support in a fun and relaxed group setting. Specialized services include:

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up or make an appointment please call the Women's Health Center (5M) at SFGH:
(415) 206-3409


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