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Who should consider Prenatal Testing?

There are certain guidelines regarding who might benefit from genetic counseling and/or prenatal testing. These include:

Why is Testing Performed?

While most women in the United States give birth to healthy babies, about three percent have some type of major birth defect. A birth defect can result from a problem with the number or structure of chromosomes and can affect how an infant looks and how the baby's organs function. In most cases, prenatal diagnosis provides the reassurance of a normal result. When an abnormality is diagnosed, this information combined with expert genetic counseling can help women and their partners make important decisions about this and future pregnancies.


Preconception and prenatal counseling is available to help you understand your options and make decisions about whether or not to proceed with prenatal testing. The service is provided by skilled and specially trained genetic counselors. You and your partner may receive counseling whether or not you decide to have prenatal testing.

For more information please call 415-476-4080.

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