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Introduction to Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic

We believe it is important to consider all aspects of a woman's health; mind, body and spirit when caring for women with CPP. There are many potential sources of pelvic pain that should be investigated. Pelvic pain may involve the urinary, reproductive, gastrointestinal, neurological, psychological, and musculoskeletal systems. When all the different sources of CPP are explored and treated, many women find relief from their pelvic pain. For some women that means complete remission of their pain, for other women it means a significant improvement in their quality of life.

We begin by asking you to complete a comprehensive history form ( forms as pdfs:  English | Spanish | French ) and bring it with you on your first visit. This form was created by experts in the field of chronic pelvic pain. It addresses many aspects of your health such as past medical history, medications, an in depth description of your pain, emotional health, sexual health, what treatments you have tried, etc. Take your time filling this out. We will review this history form with you when you come to your first visit. After reviewing your history and records, we will conduct a special physical exam that pays particular attention to the health problems common among women with pelvic pain. At the end of the visit we will develop a treatment plan together that includes caring for all aspects of your health that are affected by living with chronic pelvic pain.

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